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Since a young age I love making things. At primary school I drew a lot and I made polymer clay figurines. Later I made dolls out of socks, started painting and began to write. It was therefore no surprise that I went to study at the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht where I got my diploma in 2008.

After working as a graphic designer for a few years I missed creating things with my hands. I still enjoy designing logo's and such but I felt like something was missing for me. Feeling certain materials, creating forms and shapes untill you end up with a little piece of art. Back in 2014 I started making masks, horns and headpieces. That has turned into the existence of Maskarada - Masks & More and I'm proud to say I've already made many wearable items for an extensive number of people all over the world.

Although I love my job as mask-maker there are more things I like to do. So that was when I thought, why focus on just one thing when there is a world to explore and be my artsy self. I picked up photography a few years ago and absolutely love making atmospheric images. Also, I am determined to finish the stories I started on and write even more after they are finished. Overall I just want to create more. Because, well, I'm a bit creative. (BIT, aka ItB - Ilse ten Broeke).

Is there something I can create for you or help you with? Shoot me a message! And ofcourse feel free to browse my social media or check my YouTube channel!


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